Big benefits with biotech

2023-04-12 05:41:03 By : Ms. Jenny Merlina

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Helping garments look and feel new for longer could have a major impact. Industrial Washing Line

Big benefits with biotech

Knitting Industry  |  Bagsvaerd, Denmark

Novozymes, the leading manufacturer of enzymes and microbes that improve industrial manufacturing, sets great store in R&D – a commitment underlined by the fact that the company’s 6,000 employees are eclipsed by its 6,500 patents.

Speaking at the WTIN Innovate Zero Carbon conference (November 1-3), the company’s global marketing manager Dina Lipp outlined the significant benefits its enzymes can make in various stages of textile wet processing.

The enzymatic desizing of knitted fabrics, for example, can eliminate as much as 700kg of the chemicals usually required  – including sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide – in the production of a one ton batch.

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Big benefits with biotech

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